TURNKEY® Teeth and adapters (Hammerless)

Turnkey® sheet assembly instructions


Turnkey – a new patented hammerless system  

Feurst has developed Turnkey teeth and adapters to allow fast and easy assembly and disassembly.

User safety is enhanced as there are no shards from hammering.

Two patents have been filed.

The first one concerns the nose of the adapter.

  • The nose is robust, reliable and innovative.
  • Its complex shapes ensure perfect stability that reduces tooth movement during strenuous operations.

The second patent concerns the locking system.

Turnkey exclusive horizontal locking device features a rotating excentric system designed to provide a gap recovering effect.

Turnkey locking devices have several specific features:

  • The forged and captive key
  • The loud “clack” that operators hear, after turning the key 180 degrees, indicating the key is firmly locked into place.
  • The hammerless extraction of the pin, after manually unlocking the key by turning it 180 degrees
  • The waterproof and dust-tight qualities of the plug ensuring that fine dust never clogs the locking system.
  • Two caps on the right and left-hand sides help ensure tightness and give operators easy access to disassemble the system.

Other characteristics:

  • The patented Turnkey system has a wear cap that is reversible, stable and easy to dismount.


The Turnkey system is a technical solution designed for highly abrasive applications (quarrying)

Dents, adapteurs Feurst, gamme Turnkey, pour godet

Why choose Turnkey teeth and adapters

To develop the Turnkey system, Feurst drew on a wide range of existing products and in particular on tried and tested features:

  • Recognised metallurgy
  • The notion of compression in the keying system
  • The geometry of the double pin
  • The reversible wear cap

These substantial and decisive features are enhanced by the following:

  • The shape of the self-sharpening and penetrating teeth reduces the rate of wear
  • There are numerous teeth profiles available, depending on the applications
  • Increased tooth stability leads to less play, less wear and therefore greater efficiency

The teams at Feurst are constantly striving to improve the design of these wear parts by focussing on various areas of research, i.e. facilitating the loading of excavator and loader buckets, making the work of operators easier, making adapters more durable, etc. 

The advantages of the Turnkey solution

  • A reliable system that makes assembly and disassembly extremely easy
  • A new nose profile that offers greater wear resistance
  • With its new Turnkey system, Feurst extends the service life of its users’ buckets by 50%.
  • Constant compression means materials do not get inside the system
  • The immobility of Turnkey teeth results in less vibration, less transmission and therefore less shock
  • A loud “clack” sound indicates that the teeth have been correctly assembled
  • All teeth sizes are available
  • Available stocks
  • Made in France


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