Bucket shrouds

Bucket shrouds to prolong the life of your tools!

Feurst has a full range of devices to protect each part of your buckets, i.e. blades, heels, sides and panels.

By choosing to equip your buckets with Feurst protective devices you will:

  • Slow down bucket wear and tear
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve productivity

Blade shrouds

Inter-tooth shrouds to pin or weld onto blades

  • Ideal wear protection
  • Large quantity of material to wear down
  • Can be fitted to all types of straight or delta-shaped 45-140 mm blades
  • Can be cut to ensure perfect fitting

Bucket heel shrouds

Weld-on shrouds to protect the joint between the sides and base of the bucket in the case of severe abrasion

Wing shrouds

Protective shrouds to pin or weld onto 13-60 mm side panels

  • Fit onto backhoe digging buckets and loading buckets
  • The bucket’s force of penetration remains the same

Chocky bars and wear buttons

An effective and flexible solution to protect surfaces of all shapes from wear

  • Cast iron-chrome protection – Hardness 700 HB
  • Offers a longer service life than any other anti-abrasion solutions
  • Easy to implement – simply weld to the surface that needs to be protected

All the bucket shrouds are made in France and are in stock.


Feurst continues its process of innovation.  It has recently developed a new “Hammerless” inter-teeth shroud to add to its Turnkey® range.


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