New Hammerless Turnkey®

turnkey® teeth in a few numbers…

Wear ratio : + 70%

Teeth average lifetime in most severe conditions : 300 hours

Locking devices reusable : x2

Removal time in real conditions : 45 secondes

Intact adapters after 1000 hours

Your full mining range for blades 70-140mm

Find out our Turnkey® teeth and adapters catalog


check out in this video how to install and disassemble turnkey® teeth !

turnkey® SHrouds : a very easy assembly and disasssembly !

Blade and lip shrouds

one weld base

180 degrees hammerless locking device

……. of blade shroud offering a very high protection

a weld base fully protected by the removal shroud

Find out our catalog about Turnkey® bucket shrouds



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